Dr Sophie Lisbonne

Graduated from the Veterinary School of Toulouse in 2003, Dr. LISBONNE first completed her training with a year internship in the Department of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Ste Hyacinthe (Canada).

She was then recruited as an assistant in the Department of Medicine of the Ecole d’Alfort before joining the clinic Nicea in 2007.

She graduated from the Certificate of Advanced Study in Internal Veterinary Medicine since January 2015.

His specific areas of expertise are internal medicine, cardiology and dermatology.

She is also in charge of ultrasound examinations within the clinic.

Sophie Lisbonne - Vétérinaire
Fabrice Sclavo - Vétérinaire

Dr Fabrice Sclavo

Graduated from the Veterinary School of Cluj in 2014, Dr. SCLAVO spent a year in an Atlantia Veterinary Hospital in the surgery department.

He joined the NICEA Clinic team in July 2015.

His specific areas of expertise are general medicine and general and specialized surgery (orthopedics). He is currently undergoing specialization training in bone surgery.

Dr Charlène Sutter

Veterinary Doctor Charlène SUTTER joins the NICEA team from January 1st, 2019.

Originally from Strasbourg, she learned the subtleties of domestic carnivore medicine and surgery at the Veterinary School of Vienna, Austria, from which she graduated.

His areas of expertise are general medicine and surgery, imaging (ultrasound) as well as new pets (ferrets, rabbits and other small rodents).

Charlène Sutter - Vétérinaire

Veterinary auxiliaries

They are on the front line to ensure the best quality of service to our customers. They are in charge of the sale of products and food, reception at the counter and telephone. They are therefore the first to listen to you, to inform you and, often, to reassure you or to comfort you.

They are also in charge of assisting veterinarians in consultation and surgery, the preparation and maintenance of equipment and premises. Finally, they provide competent care and dedication to hospitalized animals.

They form a real team with veterinarians, driven by the same ambition: to provide your companions the same quality of care that we would like for ours.

Nathalie - Vétérinaire Nice


Nathalie joined the Nicea Veterinary Clinic in 1994.
tasks include managing the reception, hospitalized patients as well as helping in surgery.

Taking care of the animals entrusted to me is never a constraint but a real pleasure. I am particularly involved in post operative care, treating patients as if they were my own animals. Petting and reassurance assured!

Frédérique - Vétérinaire Nice


Frédérique joined the Nicea Veterinary Clinic in 2010.

Tasks include reception, administration and inventory as well as animal care.
Ensuring an outsanding welcome, providing personalized advice, getting to know the specific needs of owners and their little companions have always been my priority.

Sophie - Vétérinaire Nice


Sophie joins the Nicea Veterinary Clinic in 2012.

Tasks include managing the reception, hospitalized patients as well as helping in surgery.

Starting off under a professionalisation contract I had the chance to be taken on full time in March 2014. I like to express my qualities of versatility and assume dynamically the tasks entrusted to me. I also have the chance to cuddle and pamper the animals entrusted to us.

Dr Philippe MAYNARD

Founder of Nicea Clinic

Dr Philippe Maynard founded the Veterinary Clinic « NICEA » in 1994 and brought his knowledge and skills to the clinic for nearly 24 years. As graduate of the Alfort School and holder of a CES in Orthopaedics and Veterinary Traumatology and a DU in Pain Management, among other things, he exercised his specialty with passion and was able to pass on his knowledge and motivation to all his collaborators and his team.

Now retired since May 2018, he remains in touch with the profession and writes articles for the veterinary column of Nice Matin.
We are in regular contact with him and are happy that he is enjoying a successful retirement with his children and grandchildren and is carrying out his projects.

Our Charter

Our priority is to take care of your animals as if they were ours.

We are at your service and try to best meet your expectations while taking into account the needs of your companion.

We commit ourselves to offer you the best quality of care and diagnostic tools, always taking into account your financial possibilities and will take no initiative without having obtained your prior agreement.

The management of pain, and the well-being of the animals entrusted to us, are a priority for all the staff of the clinic.

In order to offer a high-performance technical and professional platform, we regularly invest in new equipment and in staff training.

We are committed to dealing with emergencies as a priority. Outside clinic opening hours, call numbers are available.

We are at your disposal and available for any information regarding the health, hygiene, nutrition and education of your pet.

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